Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer is a local photographer, cinematographer, and pilot. He grew up in Bunbury, Western Australia and spent many of his younger years exploring the South West coastline. The coastal treasures were a favourite destination for Scott’s weekends and featured in most of his early photography and video work.


Scott is also a keen aviator and in 2010 gained his Private Pilot Licence which led into Commercial drone operations.


“I’ve always had an interest in flying, and when affordable commercial quality cinema drones started to enter the market it changed everything, I could finally combine my love for aviation, photography and cinematography. Using a drone, I can capture these incredible landscapes from a whole new perspective and showcase it to people around the world.”


Scott’s short film “South Coast” won Best Cinematographer at the 2017 Blue2Blue Australian Drone Film Festival in NSW, and has been selected as a finalist in local and international film festivals.


“I’m honoured that my film has been screened around Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe allowing people to see the beauty of Western Australia’s coastline. I hope people who see the film are inspired to come see the WA coastline for themselves”.


Scott recent film work includes New Zealand’s South Island and the Southern coast of Iceland with a new short film due late 2017. Scott currently operates “Drone Image WA” providing Limited edition canvas prints, Video, Photography, 3D / Aerial Mapping and Specialised Asset Inspection services across WA.


Film by Drone (4K)