Liv Vardy

Liv Vardy is an Australian artist living in the beautiful Margaret River region of Western Australia. During her teens she discovered a love and talent for pencil portraits, producing many stunning works. While her skills were obvious, the works were generally for family and friends.


Some years later, Liv answered the pull of the creative again, this time with abstracts influenced by the stunning south west beaches. The style developed as impressionistic, Liv wanting to convey the emotion of the coast rather than simply a reflection of what was seen. Light and air, mood and motion became recurring themes in these early acrylic works.


Liv’s style has since developed using layers and intricate brush strokes to create texture and interest. The works are mostly in acrylics or oils and range from small detailed pieces, to larger works that bring life into a space. Sometimes moody, sometimes playful. Sometimes strong impressions of wave, water or cloud. Other times purely abstract bursts of emotion.


After building a successful body of work, Liv has earned acclaim in exhibitions and competitions locally. Liv has her original works on display for sale at Jahroc Gallery, Margaret River as well as online. Prints are also available on some of the pieces.


Acrylics or oil.