Emma Dziad

Living in the South-West of Australia within a stones throw from the ocean and surrounded by an incredible landscape from luscious dense forest, to dry, grassy farmland, it was inevitable Emma’s immediate surroundings would make their place known throughout her work. Although there is an interest of alternative subject matter such as portraiture, it is the environment that captivates and draws her closer, teasing her to take a deeper look. The ambiguity within nature intrigues and inspires Emma to search further, to discover and investigate its imperfect perfections; her work is a visual narrative of her desire to capture the delicacy, uniqueness and beauty of nature.


Since completing her Bachelor of Humanities in 2012 with a major in Fine Art at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Emma has participated in a range of collaborative and solo art exhibitions. While simple graphite on paper is her medium of choice, paint, typography, graphic design and illustration have all made their way into her portfolio.


Emma is currently working on a body of work for the Hale School Annual Art Show.


Graphite on paper, paint, typography, graphic design and illustration.